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Saarc Tourism

Posted: October 14, 2015 at 8:43 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Including 8 countries which had been an India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Maldives and Afghanistan associated cultural, economical, Tourism, destroy terrorism and political within topic of these categories. It named SAARC, South Asian Association For Regional Corporation consists progressing understanding of each nations and welfare for people. SAARC nations serve highlighting their cultures, stunning geographic, dazzling natural and loveable attractions their countries. SAARC Tourism could be exploring with in oldest civilization, historical customs and warmly hospitality. Millions of tourists came here to traveling and doing narrow their wisdom, organizing tour of SAARC countries.

Sri Lanka is the one of the SAARC qualified nation which had been many magnificent attractions surround with all over country. Eternal white beaches, greenly rain forest and rich with cultural heritages makes awesome tourist destination.  Ancient graffiti of Sigiriya, great ruin of Anuradhapura, mature cave within Dabulla, Long shore of Arugambe, and Created paradise of Hotton Plain. These are the multi magnetism of Sri Lanka which had been cause of increasing in tourism conducted by Board of Tourism.

India is Kohinoor of the SAARC among the countries where you can’t reach with their high prosperity of multi cultural. India consists with huge landscape which had been affluent with elevated bio diversity. India home to seventh wonder of the world- Taj- Mahal, King Sajahahan was the man who created souvenir show his deep romance to his death wife Mumtas. Exclusive beaches, primeval fortress, adventured wildlife and magnetic, elegant photography provided valuable experience of your life. Delightful, delicious foods and uncountable various markets where India is the finest stop of Tourists.

Nepal is the destination of the adventure tourism among the SAARC nations. Nepal is the perfect place for the climbing and trekking sports. Mt. Everest is the highest peak of the world which had been crowned in Nepal attracts tourists. Pokhara, Chitwan National Park, Nepal Ganj, Nagarkot and Annapurna are eye catching, ideal places any one can be visited.

Artistic with rich cultural heritage of Buddhism, Bhutan has different shades of this religion in many different aspects. The tidily carved wooden houses and finer quality crafts of Bhutan makes it a preferred location for tourists around the world. Topical climate with fallen sunshine every year, clear water and pleasant beaches Maldives makes a most popular honeymoon Seychelles not just a SARRC countries but all over  the world.

Bangladesh is the blessed and unique country which had been wishing of archeological, historical and cultural heaven. Bangladeshi cuisine, awfully luxurious hand crafts items, greenly hills and narrow stream of Water Rivers completed Bangladesh civilization. You could have seen royal tigers of Bangladesh inherited at face to face.  The Karakoram highway, Hunza valley, Khyber Pass and the ancient civilization ruins – Mohen Jo Daro and Harappa makes oldest and legendary the way of attractions of Pakistan. Natural diversity of mix dries mountains, sea, waterfalls and rivers which had been image extremely stop for tourists.

The newly entry of SARRC nations which is Afghanistan provided most anciently mosque and monuments for the new coming visitors. Travelers can be chosen any package, how they spent their holidays in memorial.  

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