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Best travel destination in SAARC countries

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Most significant   tourist  destination in India is Taj Mahal  which is located in Agra, Uttar Pradesh in India. This  palace was built  by the  Emperor Shah Jahan   to  keep the remains of his queen Mumtaz Mahal. It is a tomb  for love   the King has for his queen.   This is a symbol of India ‘s  rich cultural history  and  situated in the southern bank  of the  beautiful  Yamuna river.   You are delighted to see  the Mughal architecture  here and  it is an  integrated complex of  various  structures. It is believed that construction of Taj Mahal  commenced  around  1632 and  it  was completed  after 22 years.   It is reported that  about 20,000  workers were involved  and  it has been named as a UNESCO World Heritage site. This attracts a large number of travelers to India  all around the year.

The Badshahi Mosque    had been built in the year 1673  by the sixth Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb in Pakistan. It is  believed that  it is the second largest mosque in South Asia  and the fifth largest  mosque in the world. This beautiful and  elegant mosque is located in Iqbal Park in Lahore Pakistan.  It depicts the  grandeur of Mughal era and it is  a major  tourist destination. This has been included in the  UNESCO World Heritage site.

Lumbini is the best tourist location in  the Nepal  and it is a land of temples.  It is world famous  because of the  fact that  it is the birth place  of Siddharta Gautama  who became Lord Buddha.   It is a tiny town  located in the South Western plains of Nepal.  You will be able to see the  ruins of the old city still. Most of the people who visit Lumbini  are  Buddhists all over the world.  Maurya Emperor  Asoka  has instituted an inscription  in large stone pillars  regarding the  birth of the Buddha. Nepal is a country bordered  from one side China and  the other side India.  In addition to  Lumbini,   Nepal has rich cultural heritage  and many attractive  tourist attractions for travelers  and  devotees of Buddhists all over the world.

Nepal’s capital city and  the largest city is Kathmandu. It is located in a valley in the  heart of  the country Nepal.  It is well known for ancient  temples of Buddhists  and they belongs  to   the seventeenth century.   Durba square is a  attractive tourist  destination which had been built in the sixteenth century and it has a marvelous royal palace  and many   Buddhist structures  built in  traditional  way.  

Band-e Amir is a beautiful  tourist attraction in Afghanistan which is a cluster of five lakes  which are well known as Band-e-Amir. It is also  famous among tourists as the lake of jewels.  These lakes have been formed  naturally with special geological  formations  and the colour of the water   is blue and deep.

Another  significant  tourist  attraction in Afghanistan is  Khyber Pass. It is a significant connection between Afghanistan and   bordering Pakistan.   During the historical  period it  had played a  significant  role    as a trade route among Central  Asia and South Asia.

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